Hello everyone! My name is Tony. I have been a keen collector and restorer of Raleigh Choppers for the best part of 11 years and have recently managed to find the time to create my own website in order to showcase, sell and trade my collection with the Chopper fans all over the world.

My involvement in the Raleigh Chopper world started way back in the year 2000 when my father bought a really old and beat up MK2 Prismatic for £15 from a scrap man because he remembered them as a kid... For years it sat in the shed further adding to its rusty appearance and dull tarnished everything. That was up until summer 2003 when for some bizarre reason we decided to get it out, take it apart and clean it up... It later sold in the local paper for £150... That was the starting point and from there on every bit of pocket money/spare cash was spent on buying, parts, traveling the country looking for parts and constantly nagging my parents to take me to every bike shop I saw, or could find for that matter. 

 It was abundantly clear that at this point in time, most bike shops had already been majorly cherry picked and parts where nearly impossible to come buy until the world of the online auction place started... Thats when the Chopper scene grew from an underground fan base to a mega-hyped collectible, prices soured, every remaining Chopper from the 2 million made started coming out of the woodwork and the craze began yet again

Moving on a few years later we saw Raleigh do the rightful thing and launch the new MK3 range which in turn made the avid enthusiasts hide back in their sheds and not want to come out and play...

Until now folks... It started out in my parents shed, then garage and now a dedicated workshop and warehouse to store it all in.

My aim is to open a fully functional and updated ecommerce website for all kinds of Chopper parts, accessories and complete bikes - all at reasonable prices with top notch info and restoration help.